Many things separate Allied Construction from the competition, especially our equipment.  Make the RIGHT choice! There are many advantages to using Allied Asphalt in your next project. Allied Construction owns all of our own equipment unlike many other asphalt companies who rent it or sub-contract out their paving. You only want to pave it once!  Learn more below:

Late model- Highway class pavers

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Why does the equipment matter? Pavers come in all shapes and sizes. The paver is a critical tool in getting density and asphalt surface quality. Professional asphalt companies must invest millions in their equipment to achieve the highest quality pavements.  Allied has invested in our fleet and has 4 late model HIGHWAY class pavers that we meticulously maintain. None of our pavers weigh less than 45,000 pounds, paver weight and a quality pavement go hand in hand, 90% of asphalt density is achieved though the paver. Highway class means it’s designed for strict tolerances for DOT use, what is not known to non-industry people is there are classes of equipment that are not allowed to work on DOT projects.  These are often low cost, light weight; lower quality machines designed only for light duty work and often provide low quality results. We often hear horror stories of poor quality work from companies who have either the wrong equipment or ancient equipment that is not maintained. Allied Construction uses Caterpillar and Roadtec highway class equipment that can easily go from paving a driveway or parking lot to a high specification highway project.

We use Extendible Screeds instead of Strike off Plates

Asphalt Paving

The use of extendible screeds gives more uniform asphalt compaction with the added benefit of having wider maximum width & more uniform radius transitions. This creates less hand work and better overall pavement quality. With our modern pavers- we can pave up to 20 feet wide! What does this mean to you? LESS JOINTS! Joints are weaker spots in any pavement- minimizing joints will lead to better structure, pavement life and more aesthetically pleasing!  Remember small pavers equal more joints in your pavement and more maintenance over the life of your new pavement.


The screed is the business end of the paver.  This is where the asphalt depth is controlled and initial compaction is achieved.  REAR mounted screeds are HEAVIER and deflect less while paving wide.  Our screeds are ALL equipped with internal vibration to help achieve maximum initial compaction. All four of Allied Construction’s pavers are equipped with rear mounted screed extensions to help us provide a higher quality pavement for our customers.

Rollers / Compaction

Compaction is critical! But over rolling breaks the aggregate in the asphalt, lowering density. But how do you KNOW when you have reached the critical stage?  Experience! Rolling is a mix of art and technology.  Final compaction is the difference between just passing the specification and best possible density is part of the Allied Advantage. We have invested in the highest quality modern  compaction equipment. Our Hamm dual drum rollers are imported from Germany, and both vibrate and oscillate to achieve the maximum compaction. The newest form of compaction is oscillation which takes rolling to a new level by gently kneading the asphalt instead of pounding.  This new technology is part of the Allied Advantage!

Our brand new BOMAG rollers, internally measure density giving the operator a visual in cab display to know when maximum density has been achieved and automatically turns off and on the vibration function so as to not damage the pavement through over rolling.  This new technology is part of the Allied Advantage!

Density Gauge

ALLIED owns and operates 3 density gauges for internal quality control. Knowing when you achieve the maximum density it ensures the best job the first time. Not only do we have the equipment but we have a civil engineer on staff! Allied Construction is one of the only commercial pavers in Michigan that own their own density gauges. This extra step is part of the Allied Advantage!

The Allied EQUIPMENT Advantage

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4 state-of-the-art pavers
State of the art compaction equipment
Internal density testing
In-house trucking capacity can exceed 5,000 tons per day
If you have any questions about the equipment that we use, please contact us here of call us today!